Language Immersion in Paris


Language Immersion in Paris


Grade: 8th

Travel Dates: June 24 – July 1

* All tour dates are tentative until flights are booked in spring 2017

Each day of the Language Immersion Tour is built around a different theme that ties together daily language classes, cultural activities and interactions with locals. Accredited classes at international language schools provide students with cultural context and relevant vocabulary for each experiential activity. Through it all, the Language Immersion Tour Director is with the group, supporting language learning and highlighting each breakthrough moment.


Day 1: Fly overnight to Paris

Day 2: Paris

·         Meet your Program Director at the airport

·         Explore L'Île de la Cité, the geographic center of the city, including Notre Dame

·         Stroll through the Latin Quarter, historic home of the Sorbonne, the most famous university in France

Day 3: Paris
Theme: Parisian History and Heritage

·         Practice your conversational French in a morning lesson that focuses on Parisian history

·         Visit Montmartre, the city’s highest hill and home to Sacré-Cœur Basilica

·         Enjoy a homemade dinner with locals

Day 4: Paris
Theme: French Culinary Traditions

·         Practice food-related vocabulary in an afternoon language lesson

·         Enjoy panoramic views of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

Day 5: Paris
Theme: French Art and Artists

·         Practice your conversational French during this morning’s lesson while mastering art-related terms

·         Try your hand at an art class led by a local French artist

·         Visit the Louvre, home of the Mona Lisa andVenus de Milo

Day 6: Paris
Theme: French Culture, Past and Present

·         Interact with locals during a city-wide scavenger hunt

·         Practice your conversational French in an afternoon language lesson that focuses on culture

·         Participate in a cultural exchange with a local

Day 7: Paris
Theme: Youth Culture in France

·         Practice your conversational French in an interactive lesson that focuses on youth culture

·         Try your hand at preparing authentic French food with a cooking class

·         Interact with local vendors during a market challenge

Day 8: Depart for home

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