• Your basic information: name, address, school, email, if you have a current passport, and parent/guardian contact information.
  • Where in the world you most want to travel and what type of trip you want to participate in. Not sure what type of trip is best for you?  You can read sample middle school or high school  grade trip itineraries on this site. (Certificate 3 students should refer to 11th grade trips for representative itineraries.)
  • One reference, their contact information and a letter of recommendation.  This person should be a teacher or another adult who knows you well but is not related to you. 
  • Three short-answer essays, listed below; take time in advance to review and prepare your answers to the questions.  The suggested length is 200-300 words per question, but there is not an official length requirement. 
    • Essay 1: Please explain why you want to participate in DCPS Study Abroad. What do you hope to
      experience by traveling? What do you hope to learn from traveling? How do your travel goals
      align to your interests and/or your goals for the future?
    • Essay 2: Describe your approach to challenges in general. Give an example of a time when you faced a
      difficult challenge or obstacle. Then, explain in detail how you handled that situation.
    • Essay 3: Participating in DCPS Study Abroad is a serious commitment. Requirements include attending
      meetings, completing paperwork, behaving respectfully toward others, and completing a
      project. Students must participate in all program requirements before, during, and after travel.
      Students may also be invited to participate in surveys and interviews about their experience.
      Why do you think you are prepared for this level of commitment? Describe responsibilities
      you might have at school, your job, community, and/or home. Explain in detail how those
      responsibilities will prepare you for participating in DCPS Study Abroad.