Are you eligible to participate in DCPS Study Abroad?

  • Do you currently attend a District of Columbia Public School (DCPS)?
  • Are you currently in the 8th grade, 11th grade, or Certificate 3 (C3)?  
  • Have you studied a World Language?
    • 11th grade students: Must have completed, or be currently enrolled in, a Level 2 World Language course or higher.  
    • 8th grade students: Must have completed a World Language course this School Year.
    • Certificate 3 students: Must pursue World Language study

If you answered "yes" to those three questions, then you're eligible to apply for DCPS Study Abroad! 

What's on the Study Abroad Application? 

  • We will need your basic information: name, address, school, email, if you have a current passport, and parent/guardian contact information.
  • We will ask you to select your top 3 trips, and list in order of preference. The 2016-17 trips have not yet been identified, but you can read more about last year's trips for 8th or 11th grade on this site. (Certificate 3 students should refer to 11th grade trips for representative itineraries.)
  • We will ask for one reference, their contact information and a letter of recommendation.  This person should be a teacher or another adult who knows you well but is not related to you. 
  • We will ask for five short answer essays; take time in advance to review and prepare your answers to the questions linked here.  The suggested length is 200-300 words per question.