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11th Grade Argentina Program

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June 20, 2017
Written by: Cameron Gray
Walking Tree Student Participant

Today’s adventure included: An underground trip, a casual stroll in the expansive Botanical Gardens, two flea market excursions, a delicious chorizo experience and a sampling of the work of Argentina’s front-running modern artists. Understanding any culture different from your own requires exploration, which rests heavily on immersion. Navigating through the busy streets of San Telmo and Palermo, allowed us the opportunity to pick up common phrases such as “Subte”, “permiso” and “cuanto sale?” Stray cats and dogs, warm greetings and inclinations to be physically friendly, are just a few of the differences from the customs in the United States.

After leaving Chori, we boarded the bus and headed towards El Museo de Arte Moderno, de Buenos Aires. Before our scheduled tour, a few students took the time to enter Diego Bianchi’s interactive installation, which featured disembodied mannequins, fractured mirror displays, sliding wall components and brilliant strobe lights. The accompanying pamphlet included a discussion about the correlation between physical exhibition space and the essence of the contemporary art that inhabits it. The progressive art movement is very much alive in Buenos Aires and is establishing a basis for the future of art.

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