Are you a teacher looking to bring some of DC's global resources to your classroom? Are you a diplomat hoping to connect with DC Public School students? Are you looking to coordinating a visit for international guests? We've got a policy for that!

The DCPS Diplomatic Community Outreach and Communications Policy states that all school-related outreach and relationships with the diplomatic community and foreign visitors are managed through the DCPS Global Education team in the Office of Teaching and Learning.

The DCPS Diplomatic Community Outreach and Communications Policy ensures that the unique resources embassies (and similar entities engaged in public diplomacy) offer are leveraged effectively for the benefit of all DCPS students.  This policy also provides our valued global partners with a tool to ensure that they have a single line of communication to schools, to secure the best possible opportunities to engage with DCPS students.  Finally, the policy allows DCPS Global Education to share school-to-diplomat and international visitor connections with the DC Executive Office of the Mayor, a requirement for the school district.  This policy information is shared annually with DCPS school leaders and teachers.

Note for school staff: Twice a year, the Global Education team publishes a digest of all global school opportunities to be shared with the global community. If you are looking to advertise a large-scale event to the general embassy community, please ensure that you submit your events by the publication deadlines below so we can best help. 

Winter Digest: Global school events due by October 31st, November publication

Spring Digest: Global school events due by February 31st,
March publication

Whether you're a teacher or a diplomat, the DCPS Global Education team can facilitate diplomatic visits. Please reach out, we're happy to help!