Elementary School

As the world becomes more interconnected, it is imperative that students have the tools to become global citizens. One of the most important tools in the journey to becoming a global citizen is the ability to investigate the world, recognize other perspectives, effectively communicate ideas in more than one language, and take action. By enrolling in a DCPS World Language elementary course, students will not only gain language skills, but they will also gain general global competence. Studies show that the earlier a student begins studying a World Language, the easier it will be for them to master. What is more, learning a second language at a young age also helps students to better understand their native language, which has been shown to boost performance in standardized test scores and reading.

Most elementary students receive 45- 90 minutes of world language instruction per week. In K-2 students learn more about themselves and their roles in their school, family, community, world, and think about their future. In grades 3-5, students explore their school environment, family values, community impact, the world, and how to solve global and local challenges.

Practice Language Learning with your Student

The following resources will help you practice with your student at home: