Can I Become a Travel Ambassador?

School-based DCPS employees with an interest in global education and travel can apply to be Travel Ambassadors, who will recruit, prepare, and lead students on global travel.  Preference is given to educators at the secondary level and those with two or more years of teaching or related experience.


What Does Being a Travel Ambassador Entail?

The Travel Ambassador role encompasses a variety of responsibilities and duties:

  • Recruit students by identifying eligible and interested applicants, communicating the value of travel to students and families, sharing program requirements and expectations, and tracking participant compliance with pre-departure processes
  • Maintain open, solutions-oriented, and consistent communication with Central Office to share updates about student preparation pre-departure, flag all incidents and emergencies during travel, support alumni engagement, and deliver timely feedback 
  • Commit to mandatory training sessions and program events, and collaborate with other Travel Ambassadors, with the understanding that events may take place outside of school and business hours (i.e. evenings, weekends) and may require travel
  • Plan and lead before-, during-, and after-travel sessions and activities to share information, lead reflection activities, and keep students safe and supervised at all times
  • Be a source of information about study abroad and global education for designated travel group and for other potential travelers/families
  • Abide by and enforce the DCPS Study Abroad Code of Conduct, DCPS policies (including DCPS Travel Directive), vendor requirements, and trip itinerary
  • Comply with passport, visa, and vaccination requirements required by the U.S. Department of State, Center for Disease Control, and foreign governments
  • Participate in travel to assigned destination(s) (domestic and/or international)
  • Engage and support student alumni