DCPS believes that all students can be global citizens and that all teachers can be global educators. Global education is a perspective and pedagogy available across grades, wards, and content areas. Whether a second grade visual arts classroom, seventh grade World History classroom, or afterschool enrichment program, there are many ways to utilize the rich global resources of the city to ensure that all students across all wards have equitable access to global perspectives and opportunities. The DCPS Global Education team works together with partners, content areas and school leaders to develop aligned, innovative, and exceptional global programs for students. 

Program Highlights

  • Embassy Adoption Program (EAP): Established in 1974, the EAP is a partnership program of DCPS and Washington Performing Arts. The EAP is a unique education program that exposes DCPS students to international perspectives and cross-cultural lessons. Through direct interactions with embassies and other global entities—including consular offices, government offices, representative offices, and others—fifth and sixth grade students attending DC Public Schools have the opportunity to learn about the language, customs, history and culture of their partner’s home country and culture. 

  • International Baccalaureate (IB): DCPS offers 10 IB Programmes for students in grades pre-K-12. DCPS IB students participate in an inquiry-based, globally-focused curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and student-led action. Students at all IB DCPS IB schools have a deepened focus on research and writing. IB students are required to engage in a capstone experiences at each level of the programme, elementary, middle, and high school which demonstrates critical thinking on a local, regional, or global issue. There are approximately 3,700 students in DCPS participating in an International Baccalaureate Programme. 

  • Global Studies Schools: Together with Harvard University's Project Zero, DCPS launched three Global Studies School sites in 2016.  These three schools (H.D. Cooke Elementary School, MacFarland Middle School, Roosevelt High School) are dedicated to connecting DCPS content and curriculum with global perspectives and resources.  40 dedicated Teacher Fellows work together in monthly seminars and bi-weekly professional learning communities to bring global voices to all DCPS content areas and grades.  

  • International Food Days: In partnership with DCPS Food Services, the DCPS Global Education team celebrates the tastes and flavors of global cuisine by holding four international food day events, featuring menus created by local embassy partners, in all DCPS schools.  Utilizing the concept of food diplomacy, DCPS International Food Days introduce students to new countries and cultures through cuisine. Previous celebrations have included Ethiopian Food Day, Fijian Food Day, and Ukrainian Food Day.