What is the Global Scholar Certificate?

A Global Scholar Certificate (GSC) is a transcript recognition available to secondary students. The GSC indicates that a student has dedicated significant time to develop their global competence and has successfully demonstrates an exceptional level of global understanding. 

Why seek out this recognition?

The Global Scholar Certificate is a prestigious recognition of a students' commitment to global understanding and awareness of the disconnectedness of today's world. This transcript recognition will show college admissions teams, employers, scholarship-granting organizations, and others that you have not only satisfied the basic requirements of your diploma, but have gone above and beyond to become a true global citizen prepared to help solve the world challenges of today and tomorrow.

How can I receive the Global Scholar Certificate?

GSC Infographic.png


Interested in Applying?

Are you a high school student in a DC Public School? Are you currently enrolled in a language course and/or plan to complete three years of any language study while you're in high school? Are you ready to show the world that you are a global citizen? If you answered "YES," you are eligible for the GSC! Click here to learn how to apply!


Contact information

Looking to learn more about the program? Please contact Ximena Marquez at ximena.marquez@dc.gov with any questions.