“I’ve always wanted to travel abroad, but I never knew that it’s almost like it’s fundamental — it’s something that every person deserves a chance to do, because it gives you a chance to evolve and look at yourself. You can evolve in other ways, but this is one of the best, purest ways because you’re outside of your comfort zones and that’s really where we grow.”
— 2016 DCPS Study Abroad student

We've invested in building our students' global competence because we believe it is critical to preparing them for success in college, career and life amid an increasingly interconnected world.  As we build our programs, we are excited to share some of the data and impact these programs have on our students.  Read our annual report to learn more the scope of our work, take a look at the 2016 evaluation and the 2017 evaluation of DCPS Study Abroad from George Washington University, and see below for a quick glimpse at our impact.