International Food Days


In partnership with DCPS Food and Nutrition Services, the DCPS Global Education team celebrates the tastes and flavors of global cuisine by holding four international food day events per year, featuring menus created by local embassy partners, in all DCPS schools.  Utilizing the concept of food diplomacy, DCPS International Food Days introduce students to new countries and cultures through cuisine. Previous celebrations have included Ethiopian Food Day, Fijian Food Day, and Ukrainian Food Day.

What's on the Menu for 2017-18?

October 24th, 2017: Belgian Food Day
February 15th, 2018: Paraguayan Food Day
March 22nd, 2018: Japanese Food Day
May 23rd, 2018: Cameroonian Food Day 

Interesting in Learning More? 

Contact Jillian Flood at to learn more about the International Food Day program.