DCPS Global Education has created a fellowship program for Study Abroad alumni. The DCPS Study Abroad Fellowship will run for the duration of the 2018-19 school year and student fellows will be an integral part of shaping the future of the program. 


Support the Study Abroad Program

Alumni Fellows will have a unique opportunity to provide feedback on the program. Fellows will be responsible for creating marketing materials for the program, in addition to conducting outreach to fellow alumni. 

Gain Work Experience

Alumni Fellows will be expected to work at DCPS Central Office for a maximum of 3 hours a week. Fellows will be assigned projects related to student recruitment, alumni engagement and more. Upon completion of the year's fellowship, 

Earn Community Service Hours

Alumni Fellows will earn up to 60 community service hours for their work throughout the school year for their work on the program, for their participation at various Study Abroad events and more.