Parents: Ways you can help your student

  • Talk to your student about travel.  Share your own travel story or aspirations.
  • Encourage your student to study abroad; take time to explore the available trips on our website together. 
  • Review the student application with your child.  Encourage your child to submit a thoughtful and original application. 
  • Organize school meetings to discuss travel concerns and excitement with your school community.
  • Organize shopping trips for student travel supplies.
  • Communicate with the Travel Ambassador at your student's school.
  • Ask your student's appointed Travel Ambassador (trip leader) how you can help.
  • Ensure that your student understands and commits to all pre-, during, and post-travel activities.

Educators & School-based Staff: Lead and recruit students

  • School-based DCPS employees in education campuses, middle schools, and high schools with an interest in global education and travel can apply to be Travel Ambassadors, who will recruit, prepare, and lead students on international travel
  • All educators and DCPS staff should encourage eligible DCPS 8th and 11th grade students to apply for DCPS Study Abroad!