At its core, LEAP (LEarning together to Advance our Practice) is about helping teachers become truly expert at teaching the DCPS Common Core-aligned curriculum – so that every student across the city experiences rich, engaging, and challenging instruction every day.  Every DCPS  World Language teacher is a part of an elementary, education campus, middle, or high school Professional Learning Community (PLC), led by a District Course Chair, or content expert.  PLCs will have opportunities to meet collaborate in the following ways:

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District-Wide PD Days 

DCPS World Language teachers work with their PLC each district-wide PD day. Teachers engage in cycles of collaborative lesson planning based on IC curricula; rounds of practice and feedback; content knowledge development and student work analysis.

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Monthly Professional Learning Seminars

DCPS World Language teachers are provided with one after-school Professional Learning seminar each month. These optional seminars develop content knowledge and provide teachers opportunities for planning and practice.

Seminars are prepared by the Office of Instructional Practice's Content Managers and are facilitated by DCCs.  

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Monthly Webinars

DCPS World Language teachers have an opportunity to view a quarterly webinar featuring videos on best practices and content knowledge development. Teachers engage in online discussions with their colleagues from across the district based on prompts throughout the webinar.

Questions about DCPS Professional Development for World Language teachers?  Contact Maggie White, DCPS Director of Professional Learning for the Inner Core.