Global Studies Classrooms

Walking into a classroom within any one of our Global Studies schools, it will become evident that students are building their global competence across disciplines.



see themselves represented in the curriculum and are exposed to differing perspectives, developing a disposition to appreciate differences and celebrate diversity through short-term international student visits.



bring  intentionally curated field trips, classroom visits, service projects, and virtual exchanges to make  Washington D.C. and its many resources a window to investigate the world, build key global competencies, and have ample chances to exercise those competencies in meaningful and authentic ways. 


Global Studies Schools

create an environment for students that actively fosters social and emotional development, global competence, and high academic outcomes. Taking research-backed approaches inside and outside of the classroom, global studies schools create a space in which students thrive.

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have access to a living database of partnerships that will serve to enrich the high-quality teaching and learning that already take place in the classroom.