DCPS believes that building language proficiency through rich and engaging units of study provides students with a foundation of skills that are transferable and build a lifelong passion for language learning.

 The DCPS World Language Curriculum is aligned with the American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) World Readiness Standards; these national standards seek to link culture and communication through language learning. DCPS has partnered with ACTFL to provide students and teachers with a world-class curriculum that reflects these standards and the three modes of language learning: interpersonal, interpretive and presentational. Our teacher-developed curriculum focuses on building student proficiency, and was backwards designed from the AP Themes and ACTFL Can-Do Statements.

Curriculum Components

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Curriculum Framework

The new DCPS World Languages curriculum is guided by a curriculum framework.  The framework provides DCPS World Language teachers with a flexible, democratic guidance to district expectations of students’ World Language learning.  The framework allows teachers to align existing World Language content to a unified vision for World Language curriculum, and provides a space within which teachers may adapt their practice and content to meet the needs of their students.